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Who we are

The Tylara Group is a collection of consultants from various backgrounds, who have extensive experience and qualifications in their respective areas of intervention. We accept at any time, letters of interest for joining our Team, with resumes. Interested parties should have at least a Master's level of training and/or equivalent in work experience. Forward letters of interest to Dr. Hill (hillphd2@gmail.com).


Terry L. Hill, MEd, MA, PhD

CEO and President

Jane MacBride-Hill, BA, TEOSL, Cert. Ger.


Peter Globensky, MA, IEEE

Senior Consultant, Vice-President BASA & Associates

Mike Kopot, MSW

Senior Social Work Consultant

Ramin Gaderpanah, BSc

Senior Geology Consultant

Miranda Hill, IT

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Melissa Hill, BA (Hons), BEd, MEd

Seminar presenter 

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