Leading social change agents


TL Hill Examples:

1. Community Development and the Ethics of Interventionism. University of Alberta Press. Spring, 1984 (PhD  thesis)

2. Change in Educational Systems: Making School Systems Responsive to Value Change, in Educational Futures: Anticipations by the Next Generation of Canadian Scholars, L. Mazurek, ed. University of alberta Press, Summer, 1979

3. Report of the Child Development Initiative: Brighter Futures, Ministry of Health. Lakehead University Press, August, 1993

4. The Importance of Postgraduate Education, Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, Vol 29, No 1. March, 1985

5. Gull Bay First Nation: Community in Peril, Redressing the Imbalance: Health Human Resources in Rural and Northern Communities, Bruce Minore and Connie Hartviksen (Eds). Lakehead university Press, 1995

6. Suicide Prevention Manual, Tylara Institute Press, Nolalu, ON. 1996

7. Prostate Cancer and Beyond, Tylara Institute Press. 2010 (revised January, 2016)

8. Men & Grief: The Stiff Upper Lip, Tylara Institute Press, 2015


  • Community Development projects (start to finish) $150/hour or by contract
  • Seminars*, courses*, workshops*, (prostate cancer, aging, spinal muscular atrophy, lifestyle change/self-concept, deviance, psycho-social issues in health care), conferences. $75 for 3-hour; $125 for 12-hour; $1200/day for full conference work or $200/hour
  • Forensic social science (homicide and other criminal investigations, personal injury, property security, immigration cases, workers' compensation, expert witness, reports). $250 hour or by contract
  • Social Impact Assessments $150/hour
  • Management/Leadership/Board of Directors Training $150/hour
  • Sales, Marketing Training $150/hour
  • International Education and Program Development (by contract)
  • Policy writing; Report writing $200/hour
  • Editing/proofreading/content editing of articles, theses, essays, reports $8-15 per page; $7 for over 10 pp. Flat rates are available per term/semester/project/thesis
  • * NEW: Coordinating and writing affiliation agreements $150/hour

*Note: Calls us for details on dates of offerings (807-473-5767/629-5215) starting May, 2017.